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What I’ve Discovered since Covid-19

At first, I wasn’t sure what to write or do for this question. I struggled with what to come up with, as I didn’t feel like I did much since quarantine started. So instead, I wrote a list of anything I did including shows I watched. I noticed there were a few hobbies I’ve rediscovered like animating, photography and even gaming. I’ve learned new skills as well, from starting a business to how to make a podcast and filming.

However, one thing I’d like to talk about here is being more self-aware of my body. Around March I discovered a lump on my breast, it wasn’t cancerous thankfully, but still, a hard lump so my thoughts were all over the place. I managed to get an appointment to the doctors at the end of March. They did a thorough check-up and since I showed no signs of the other symptoms, they were able to rule out cancer. They did still refer me to the hospital so I could find out the cause.

Due to covid19, I didn’t get an appointment until June. I was told I would have the appointment by the end of the week but it never happened. Although it was fine, as I understood why I just couldn’t help but overthink the worst outcomes in my head. Some days I forgot about it, other days I was panicking and stressing. I was in pain whenever I slept on my side, as it was very sensitive. It wasn’t until at the end of May that the pain started subsiding and I felt like myself again.

At the 1st June, I got a call from the hospital asking if I’d be free for an appointment that week. I went in on Thursday calm and stress-free as I was no longer worried. If anything, they struggled to find where the lump was as I no longer felt the pain. Nevertheless, they still found it. I’ve waited a couple of hours and they told me it wasn’t anything serious. Rather it would heal over time and that lump was normal considering my age. Despite this, I was still shaken up from everything. I was worried about it for so long and I finally found my answer. Before I left, the doctor gave me a leaflet to help distinguish breast pain. Even having a mini-calendar to mark off how long the pain had started. I took it upon myself to read and learn the differences, one thing I know for sure, however. NEVER RELY ON GOOGLE!

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